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"look no further" rate was not applied - email response time?

Question asked by bobbberty on Apr 2, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by carat

I had a 'look no further' rate approved, but in looking at my reservations, I saw that the rate was not applied.  I reached out to the agent that approved my rate, and she said that it would be reflected at checkout.  When checking out, the full rate was applied, and said that they couldn't change the rate to reflect the look no further rate.  The front desk representative said that I would have to deal with Marriott when I receive my credit card bill.


Reaching out by phone, regular customer service said I had to email the 'look no further' department.  With an email sent over a week ago, I still haven't heard back for a resolution.  I believe I have a pretty clear cut case, with separate emails confirming I would have a lower rate, but is it normal to email responses to take this long?