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Outrageous Pet Charge at the Residence Inn in Cranbury NJ Anyone else get a Pet Damage Bill?

Question asked by astarte on Apr 2, 2017

If you think that the standard Pet Fee is steep - you ain't seen nothing.  This will be in dispute come Monday for sure.  I was alerted to this by my Bank who suspected fraud.


My first encounter with this hotel should have been a warning as I had inadvertently not properly cancelled my initial reservation and they refused to reverse the 'no-show' fee even though I had planned on eventually staying at the hotel.  This became chump change when I was advised of a $1000.00 Pet Damage charge that was placed as a hold on my credit card more than 10 days after my final bill had been satisfied for a 38 day stay.  This was done as an estimate since there was no amount invoiced and no bill has been presented.  I was told that my room had been unrentable since my departure due to pet odor.  Of course when I began my stay I paid the obligatory $100.00 pet fee charge that is supposed to be for deep cleaning upon my exit.  I was told "multiple companies" had been called to assess what could be done or had attempted to clean the room with no positive result.  Those "multiple companies" could not be named when I asked for them.  I asked that these be emailed to me since I wanted to make inquiries to confirm, I did not receive the requested emails.  Had a deep cleaning been performed after my exit with the correct products and not a simple housekeeping cleaning there should have been no residual odor.  Based on this I feel that the $1000.00 damage charge is unwarranted and will be disputed. There was no damages to any of the furnishings.


During my stay, I was working remote and was actually in my room approximately 80-90% of my entire stay. During that time I routinely cleaned my cat's litter box multiple times throughout the day, most often after each use.  If I had left the cat alone in the room extensively without the benefit of my cleaning the litter box I could understand what could occur as a result.  Fact is, I had guests in my room that I specifically asked if they could detect any "cat odor"  and their answer was always "no".


Overall, I would say that during my stay the pluses outweighed the minuses, but being presented with an outrageous damage bill afterwards has left a bitter taste in my mouth regarding this particular hotel.