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Best Rate Guarantee? Claim denied 2x- Marriott Rate vs. Direct Autograph hotel website

Question asked by aes on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2018 by monisame

Price Match - Marriott vs. Marriott. Marriott gets the business either way, so I guess they don't have to honor their own lower rate or offer the 25% discount.


I booked a reservation at the Marriott Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas using I noticed an hour later while researching the hotel that the rates were less expensive on the Cosmopolitan Hotel website direct. I contacted the platinum line who put me in touch with Marriott Customer Care to file a claim. This is Marriott vs. Marriott pricing comparison is it not?  I’m not sure what I am missing, I expected at the very least that they would extend the same rate.  Annoyingly, the two websites are not connected at all, I cannot see reservations made on the direct hotel site on the Marriott site and vice versa. I also booked a 1 night reward and wanted to keep the reservations together.

My claim was rejected twice. I provided screen shots after the first rejection so they found another reason. The price difference is less now than it was when I originally filed the claim, but non the less, it is still less  I don’t see anywhere in the terms and conditions – that total cost per stay is a factor.  I rebooked on the cosmopolitan hotel direct website, a very nice person from the hotel named Rayana reached out to me direct before I even had a chance to call the hotel to tell me that she merged my paid reservation with my award stay so that I wouldn’t have to change rooms. Thank you Rayana!!  Now if only the same level of support was extended from Marriott customer support as from.. Marriott (Autograph) customer support????  Responses from Marriott customer service below.



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your claim for Marriott's Look No Further(SM) Best Rate Guarantee. I am denying your claim.

In my research, I compared Regular rate with Marriott and a Regular rate on your direct Comparison Site with the Hotel website and the rates were the same.


2nd response after screenshots reviewed:



I am happy to respond to your additional message regarding Marriott's Look No Further(SM) Best Rate Guarantee.

Your reservation was originally for a Terrace Studio, Guest room, 1 King, Balcony. Therefore, this is the room type used when reviewing your claim. When I went to the standard rates I found for your original room type were $290.00 for the first three night's and $240.00 for the remaining night for a room total of $1,110.00 for the four night's. I then went to Searching the dates of your reservation the room rate I found was $277.50 per night for a room total of $1,110.00 for the four night's. Based on my findings, your claim is denied as the room total cost is the same