More Towel Racks, Please

Discussion created by phctourist on Mar 28, 2017
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On a recent trip, I had a few thoughts about hotel rooms, including, but not unique to, Marriott.


My first thought is amplified by Arne Sorenson's recent "environmental award."


When I go to a hotel room, I am often greeted by a small card that asks me to help save the environment by reusing my towels.  Great idea, except, there is typically only one towel rack in a Marriott room.  More towel racks would allow reuse of more towels.  This problem is made more difficult because sinks are not graded.  Water pools on the sink counter rather than running into the sink.  towels sit on the sink, instead of drying on a rack and are used to mop up the excess water.


Better countertop design and extra towel racks would allow me to use towels for several days. That would help the environment and save Marriott money.  Win/win!


Any thoughts, anybody?