Waiting for support since 2014- No one cares, need to escalate.

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I took my family to the Marriott in Kaola Kauai for a family vacation in Oct 2014. During the visit,

Our room had a pipe leak which soaked the carpets and tile floor after arriving.  We had to live with large industrial fans screaming the whole time to try to dry out the place, and the leak was still on going.

They would not relocate us, which I found very strange due to the water still appearing on the floor. I slipped walking from carpet to the tile floor which resulted in bruising on my leg and hip.  My ankle was very swollen and I could not use it.

I did not want to burden my other family members with this so I stayed in the hotel bed with my foot wrapped and elevated while the others did helicoper, beach and quad riding.  This was not a great vacation for me obviously and I would like to try to get back and be able to join in a family vacation.

I was very disappointed with the Marriott company in regards to their management at this particular hotel and have stayed at many Marriott hotel's and never experienced a problem.

We spent a lot of money on that 2 bedroom room with ocean view, and with 5 kids which 4 are in college the only time that we are back together is only at Christmas.

We have been promised to get a 2 week stay at a marriott of our choice by two different customer service reps located in Florida.


1. Mustapha Brahimi

Customer Care Manager

Customer Care



2 Olonzo who left and we had to start the process all over again.


So far we have been get a run around and I now feel this is just a ploy to get us to drop the request for giving us a replacement vacation to offset the disaster that happened in Hawaii.


Please help me escalated this to some upper executive