Marriott Loses ANOTHER once-loyal customer

Discussion created by tkbdvm on Mar 29, 2017
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Is there any evidence that Marriott is going to step up and correct their Destinations Points (MVC points) blunder?  The MVC points are near-worthless as so many have posted.  They are selling for about $2.50-$3.50.  I bought 2,500 points in 2012 (after much arm-twisting and PROMISES by Marriott sales rep so I could get my timeshare week into the program).  The salesperson misrepresented information by saying the value of points was consistently going up and I could resell anytime I wanted with no loss. Ha!!  He meant the PRICE was consistently going up, and the VALUE was consistently TUBING.  My $60K is now worth less than $20K and dropping by the minute.The timeshare weeks are still a GREAT deal, but not the points!  I can convert my week every other year to Reward Points.  It is a lock-off unit, so I can put it into Interval International and get two weeks for the price of one.  Not the points though.  You can't do much of anything with 2,500 points.  I STUPIDLY bought 3,500 more points to get to the Presidential level thinking this would help with reservations and vacations.  NOPE.  You have to call at 0900 exactly 13 months out if you want any decent reservation and you will pay through the nose in points!!  I paid $60K total for these points that only get me pennies on the dollar in vacation value.  It would be much cheaper to just rent a week advertised on eBay - same property, only cheaper.  I want OUT of the points, but Marriott won't buy them back!!


Marriott knows about this, should be ashamed and embarrassed by this program, KNOWS they are losing many once-loyal customers, and they DO NOTHING!!!  I talked to a Marriott Customer Advocacy Manager (Mr. Joseph).  He very politely informed me that there was no buyback program right now, but maybe, someday there might be but things were tied up in legal.  What a load of waffle. If they think their destination points are worth anything, they should stand behind their product and BUY THEM BACK.  The executive says the points are tied to inventory, and that's why they can't buy them back.  That's **** too.  If they are tied to inventory, buy them back and you get your inventory back!


Marriott is another money-grubbing company, taking money from the middle-class and filling executive pockets with cash.  They are immoral and unethical when they do this to the middle-class.


A once-reputable company is now running a racketeering scheme.  Check out these articles:


Marriott timeshare sales are racketeering scheme, new lawsuit says - Orlando Sentinel

Suit filed against Marriott alleges illegal timeshare scheme, seeks class action (44 cities, 11 states)


I am joining the class-action suit and urge all MVC point owners to do the same.  This scheme is right up there with the dishonestly of VW with respect to the emissions of their diesel cars.  At least VW is making it right (but only after forced to do so by the courts).  Marriott needs to be forced to make this right!


Marriott Executives - if you read this, your response should be to start writing checks, at full value, to anyone who wants to get rid of their timeshare points, allow 100% conversion of points to Marriott Rewards points for those that do not, do not let Marriott Reward points expire or devalue, and cut in half the points values needed to book a reservation, and cut in half the maintenance fees.  All that would mean something to people and provide value to a now worthless program.