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Wales - Sights worth visiting?

Question asked by bejacob on Mar 29, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by chobbits

Wales is on my schedule for late summer. Now comes the fun of planning what to see. I'm beginning to put together my itinerary.


I've got castles, stone age monuments, and even a few Roman sites on the to do list. Here's most of what I'm planning to see.

  • Castles
    • Caerphilly Castle
    • Cardiff Castle
    • Caernarfon Castle
    • Beaumaris Castle
    • Conwy Castle
    • Harlech Castle
  • Stone age barrows/monuments/etc.
    • St. Lythian's & Tinkinswood (near Cardiff)
    • Pentre Ifan
    • Parc le Breos
    • Carreg Coethan
    • plus about a dozen places on Anglesey
  • Roman
    • Caerleon Fortress and Baths
    • Dolaucothi gold mines
  • Other
    • Gower peninsula
    • St. David's Cathedral (if time permits)
    • Great Orme Tramway
    • Great Orme Copper mine
    • SS Great Britain (in Bristol)


There's no way I'll be able to see everything in my week-long drive around the Welsh coast. I'm starting in Bristol and ending in Manchester (for the flight home and to visit brightlybob ) with likely stops in Chepstow, Cardiff, Swansea, and a couple cities/towns (to be determined) on the north coast, plus the Worsley Park Marriott (thanks, Bob, for that suggestion ).


Much like my recent visit to Hawaii, proper planning is essential so as not to miss something important. I'm  leaving plenty slack in my schedule to enjoy those unexpected discoveries along the way.


Any major sights I left out?


Thanks in advance for any recommendations.