Ms. Byamba at Key Bridge Marriott

Discussion created by vojimen on Mar 28, 2017
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I am currently staying at the Key Bridge Marriott.  I ordered dessert tonight, and went downstairs to pick it up.  I was planning to use my $10 credit that I received during check-in, but the employee at the Gift Shop (where you pick-up orders) said it couldn't be used.  Luckily Ms. Byamba showed up, and confirmed that the $10 credit could be used for food.  While I was waiting on the food, I mentioned to her some feedback regarding the concierge desk based on an experience earlier today - without going into details here, the experience wasn't what I expected.  She apologized for the issues, and promised to bring it up to the correct manager.  At that point, I will say that I was already happy that she not only helped resolved the issue with my $10 credit but she also promised to take my concern to the right person.  Once I finished paying for my dessert, she offered a drink on the house and again stated she would ensure my feedback about the concierge desk went to the right person.


This to me was above and beyond what I expected, and it was definately appreciated.  While everyone hopes for a perfect experience, I know sometimes things happen.  How a company handles issues is very important to me, and Marriott has always done a good job with customer service but some moments an employee goes above and beyond.  Ms. Byamba went above and beyond, and that is why I am submitting her for the "Spirit to Serve" recognition.