Marriott Mega Bonus when staying past April 15th?

Discussion created by blinkdmb125 on Mar 26, 2017
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My first post, hope I'm not breaking any rules or repeating...


I realize this will only apply to a small margin of people, but I have a question regarding the latest Mega Bonus Promotion.


I am booked (very) long term at a Marriott Suites, every couple of months the hotel will award me points. So far I've been awarded two of the three stays from the latest promotion and am very happy with the points I've received, all for clicking a button! I am scheduled to stay past the end of the promotion, 4/15. Normally the hotel decides when to award me points and I have no complaints (I believe what they do is check me out and right back in to trigger the points, but I've never been able to confirm)


Since I still have one more stay on the promotion, I would like to know if I should tell the hotel to check me out and back in on the 14th of April, or if it will automatically trigger after the fact, which would mean the promotion is just registering the nights stayed before April 14th.


The terms and conditions aren't very clear, so any help anyone can provide would be very much appreciated!