How long does it take to get MR Platinum and UA Silver after qualifying?

Discussion created by stormingowl1 on Mar 23, 2017
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I appreciate all of the helpful information I've found on this site over the years. I wasn't able to find an answer to this question, so if one already exists, I apologize for not finding it beforehand. Anyways, I am currently enrolled in the platinum challenge. I am planning a trip and had a couple of questions. I am staying at 3 different Marriott hotels during the trip in order to accumulate more stays. I was wondering how long after achieving the 9 stay requirement will my account be upgraded to platinum? In addition, if I were to sign up for RewardsPlus right when this Marriott upgrade occurs, how long will it take for my United account to be upgraded to Silver? The United flights are a little more expensive for this trip, but if I were to be able to have silver status for the flight home, the extra cost would be worth it to me. I appreciate any help or information any of yall can provide.