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New York City - Midtown, Downtown, or Central Park stay?

Question asked by j&c on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2017 by j&c

Please help We have a 4 day NYC stay planned but can't decide on Midtown, Downtown or S/W of Central Park. Each locale has distinct advantages/disadvantages that end up being just about equal in our minds. Yes, we always stay Midtown - at the Lexington - and love this location/hotel. Still, we can justify a change for a different base-camp. We have been all over the island exploring, have favorite "haunts" we will visit regardless of where we stay (including theater tickets), love the subway. If the rooms are considered equal, would you stay Midtown, Downtown or Central Park? And if you were to be "adventurous," what would be your second choice and why - would love your tips? C