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RewardsPlus United MileagePlus silver status missing

Question asked by gca on Mar 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2017 by nipper

I have successfully linked my Marriott platinum elite with United Mileageplus one month ago. However, I noticed today my status in United is dropped. After calling both United and Marriott, it is due to some system refresh from Marriott. I have to re-registered RewardsPlus and called United and Marriott to expedite the process. United Airline is willing to help by sending an email to Marriot to confirm my platinum status so that they can put my silver status back. However, the respond from Marriot reward team was disappointing. I was told to wait 20 days and if it is still not working then only they will put in a work request which will take another 1-2 weeks. Now I have to pay for the luggage check in for all the planned trip until the issue get resolved. Human intervention is required when system is not working. Urgently need someone from Marriott to respond to my request.