Have you ever felt cheated?

Discussion created by brianandlin on Mar 21, 2017
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Firstly let me say that I haven't posted on here as yet because I have never stayed in a Marriott Hotel. I have however been a Platinum Member of SPG for 9 years and a member of the now disbanded SPG advisory community for 4 years. Yesterday I agreed to meet up with my sister at a point between our two homes in the area of Huntingdon or Peterborough in the United Kingdom each of which has a Marriott Hotel . I thought this would be my chance to break my Marriott duck. I went on the Marriott web sight to check out what was available and found a price for 2  rooms at the Huntingdon Hotel and then I checked the price for the Peterborough hotel which I found was more expensive so I went back to my original idea and went to book 2 rooms at the Huntingdon hotel. Low and behold in the 5 minutes it had taken me to check the price at the other hotel the price had gone up by £10 per room! At the moment I am so disgusted that I have abandoned the search and I may go and stay at the Holiday Inn instead.