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Missing Points for recent stay

Question asked by stackswood on Mar 16, 2017
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Hi! We recently returned from a 9 night stay at the Casa Magna Marriott Puerto Vallarta! We had a great time and it is a beautiful resort! My question is about the points I received for my stay?  My points posted and I only  received 3620 base points and then my gold elite points bonus and my spring megabonus points for a total of 8145 points????   This works out to about 2 points per dollar spent on my room rate only?  Honestly I was expecting a little over 36k points for this visit???  I thought that this Marriott property received  10 points per dollars spent for room and purchases?  Is this incorrect?  Do the resort properties only give 2 points per dollar on a room rates only?   If these points are incorrect as I suspect how do I get these corrected? Do I contact Marriott through the missing stay link or do I deal with the property directly?


Thank You