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Point redemption for MVC - Impossible?

Question asked by jjousma on Mar 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2017 by erc

Hey guys,


Looking to plan a vacation for 10 days in Orlando. Was going to try and book 5 night stays at an orlando MVC property and 5 more nights in either Miami or Tampa/Clearwater. In regards to the sabal, royal and imperial palms - are these things ever available? I tried searching for a 5 night period with flexible days and I couldn't find one thing all the way into 2018, as far as the calandar went. Is it possible that if I call by phone I could find dates any better than online or are these things impossible to book unless its years out? Love the idea of the amenities of the OWC without the resort fee or parking plus the extra room and ability to stock up from Publix...I'm a habitual frugal shopper. Are there villas that I can look at where I can get access to the JW pools? I thought I would like the access to the world center, but am open to switching! Love the pools!


Anywho, has anyone done similar stays on points? It would be my first redemption with Marriott as I'm an HH turncoat this year, and will stay if I like the benefits here at MR!