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Fiji Marriott - Momi Bay?  New hotel.

Question asked by clebert on Mar 14, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2017 by kinseattle

There is a new Marriott opening this spring in Fiji.  Anyone know anything about it?  We are booked at the Intercontinental in Fiji now as it supposedly has the best beach on the main island.  We're doing a 2 night stopover on the way to Australia and aren't planning to leave the main island even though I understand that the really good beaches are on the outlying islands.  Total cost in USD for 2 nights is $376.94, or 80,000 MR points.  Seems like a terrible redemption value, so we are likely going to stick with the IHG property and redeem IHG points there.


Anyone know anything about this new property or Fiji generally?


IHG wanted 80,000 for a 2-night stay as well, but the IHG property is going for $619 USD for a 2-night stay.  So it seems like a better redemption.  I think most of the travel gurus value MR and IHG points similarly.  Neither of these redemptions seem like a stellar deal, but we're paying a ton for this trip and trying to keep costs reasonable so the idea is to get the best redemption we can without worrying too much about getting top value.


Plus, Intercontinental hotels are usually more like a JW than a Marriott, right?  That is, an Intercontinental is more posh than the typical Marriott flagship brand hotel?


brightlybob, what say you?  Also should I join the Ambassador Club for $200?  I've got another Intercontinental stay later this year.