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Advice on hotels near the airport in Seattle WA

Question asked by jerseydoll on Mar 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2017 by iahflyr


I'm new to the community and hoping to get some advice...I want to help my son who will be travelling with friends to Seattle in May...specifically they will be arriving on Sunday, May for 1 night.


In total there will be 3 of them...all adults...they can share a room but probably need 2 beds.


I will be using points for the is the challenge...ultimately they would like to rent a car and drive to LA, where they will then fly back to PA from.


I suggested that they use uber or another lift service, even a shuttle of some sort, to get to a fairly nearby hotel (yet to be determined..would really like to not use a huge amount of points)...once they get to said hotel, they would need to get to said car rental place (suggestions appreciated!) and off they go on Monday through the following Wednesday, May 31st.


I'm just not sure what the best solution is..#1 I would love advice on hotels that aren't too far from the airport and #2 advice on car rental options for the best value.  I'm not all that concerned about's more about getting the best bang for the buck and points.


My son and his pals will be paying their way for the airfare and car rental...I'll do what I can to pitch in financially but what I can offer is at least a stay the night they arrive...oh, and they are planning on going to Portland on Monday, the day after they on that note, is it possible to take some sort of alternative transportation from Seattle to Portland and hook up a car there instead?


Suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated!  I'm not loaded with points and happy to use them for my son's trip (it's an early 30th birthday present and surely wish I could do more) thanks and I look forward to hearing from the insiders community!