Using Marriott 7 nt certificate...thinking of adding one additional day using Ultimate Rewards

Discussion created by corrie1013 on Mar 15, 2017
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Hi all- Sorry for the round-a-bout way I'm going to ask my question, but just wanted to include all pertinent information and hope that many of the experts in this community may provide some advice.


I am planning a trip from SAT -> CUN in June (yay!) for my family of 4.  My husband and I combined our MR points and cashed them in for a Category 7, 7 day certificate with SW points and got the companion pass (another yay!).


So, I've been watching the SW fare sales hoping that the direct flights will come down in points because for our specific dates the points amount to around 134k (for 3 + 1 companion fare).  That's a lot of SW points!  In playing around with the dates, if I add one additional day at the beginning of our trip, I can bring that SW total down to around 116K- which is a little easier to stomach- and then keep watching to see if it goes down.


With all that being said, I already have the reservation (w/our certificate attached) for 6/7-6/14 in a Caribbean suite at the Marriott Casamagna. Was thinking of adding one additional night for 6/6 using Ulitmate Rewards points and through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal (which is listing the same suite for around 23k points).


My question- has anyone ever done this and how does it work? They'll have the first night reservation for me through UR (which they view as Expedia or Priceline or whatever) so my Platinum status won't be recognized, but then the next night begins my full 7 night reservation...Just scared to pull the trigger and have it not work out right....any advice is greatly appreciated!!


Thank you!