Cash Upgrade Conditions changed after Booking?

Discussion created by cmeyer on Mar 13, 2017
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Hi all,


I was wondering whether anyone has seen something like this before, and whether you think this could become an issue for me...

Here's what has happened so far:


A while ago I have booked a 5-night redemption stay with cash upgrade (to a junior suite) at the JW Marriott in Venice; the stay will be later this year.

I have received a confirmation e-mail that clearly says that I will be charged 160,000 points plus 110 EUR per night (plus tax).


Now it looks like in the meantime the conditions for booking a cash upgrade to a junior suite have changed.

The same kind of room is now offered for 160,000 points plus 300 EUR per night.


So it seems like it was a great idea to book the room way in advance - and save 950 EUR.


However, what puzzles me is that when I check my reservation online, it does still say that I have to pay 550 EUR for five nights - but the rate description for my stay now says that it's 300 EUR per night.


Should I be concerned now?

Or have they just changed the text description of the rate - without any actual impact on existing reservations?


Any clarification would be very much appreciated :-)