Hawaii - 2019!!!

Discussion created by benbuck6 on Mar 13, 2017
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So, my oldest will graduate in 2019. Yes, its 2 years away but that's how I am...cant help it. Many of his friends are on a Sr Trip now and more are beginning to plan theirs for next year. We are wanting to take him anywhere he wants...he wants Hawaii.

I have started this conversation before but now its a year closer, I thought I might as well open it up again.


We DO NOT want anywhere near Honolulu. Wife and I went there and our honeymoon and it was the worst day of our trip. For reference, most of our honeymoon was spent in Maui and we loved the feel  of it.


So, suggestions of properties available would be great. How soon can I book, because I like to book early and save for a long time.