Transcending Hilton

Discussion created by rickyzackybobby on Mar 16, 2017
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Being a Hilton lifer (but also a fan of the mystery known as Marriott) on this throwback Thursday, I wanted to make everyone aware of two promotions currently going on with Hilton. The first one is a contest (you don't need to be a HiltonHonors member to enter). The second promotion is for HiltonHonors members (See below).  In addition to these, there is also a 100% bonus point offer upon buying Hilton points (now you can buy up to 160,000 points per year). It's kind of a big deal. but I don't wanna press my luck on here and be forced to walk the plank, so you can find out about that one on your own by going to Hilton. I will however try telekinesis upon request if that doesn't work for you.