Marriott: Failure/Refusal to honor guest compensation for room/bed guarentee

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So I had a stay at a Marriott last week, a hotel that I have been staying pretty frequently for work over the last 2 or so years. During this time I have always reserved a King bed/room, my Marriott profile preferences are set to reflect this and the corp rate I use is for King beds/rooms. I book my reservations months in advance (in this case ~4 months), so that I am able to get the room preference and corp rate.


So after I check-in, I went to my room only to discover that I have been given a double bed room (which I avoid like the plague, since my feet hang off the edge). Being pressed for time, I wasn't able to head back to the front desk until the next day. I did send a message to Marriott support who verified that my room reservation was indeed for a king bed/room and she would have the manager reach out to me on that. Which made it evident that the hotel dropped the ball on this. Nonetheless the manager didn't contact me, so I went to the front desk the next day and spoke to the front desk and explained that I didn't get the room I reserved and guaranteed as a platinum member. In which case guest compensation is due, when the hotel fails to provide a guaranteed item/service to the guest, in this case the reserved room type/bed. At which point I showed her the Marriott website listing the guarantee.


She promptly called the manager, who stated that the guarantee guest compensation (USD $100)  is only provided when the platinum arrival gift is not provided to the guest. Which is evidently not true, the front desk offered points and I said no and that I would like to speak to the manager. She stated that the manager would not be in until 2:30pm the next day and she would leave a note for her to call me (I still haven't received that call). Due to the hours the manager is in, I was unable to speak to her, without taking time out of my work day. I reached out to Marriott support who stated that they would reach out to the hotel manager, and remind them of the Marriott policies and have the hotel contact me (still haven't gotten the call)


Upon checkout - i stopped by the front desk to follow up on the issue, who promptly stated that the manager wouldn't be in until 2:30pm and the only thing she could do is offer me 2000 extra points. To which I responded, "I still need to speak with the manager about the issue, and that points don't absolve the stated requirements".


I have another stay coming up, during which I hope I have the chance to speak with the manager.


Any tips on how to deal with this?



Update (03/16/2017):


Summary of outcome so far - blame is being pushed elsewhere.


Email snapshot #1


Quote: "In looking at your past stays and future stays (screen shot below) you will notice that when booking through Travel Agency IATA # XXXXXXX (1st screen shot), the Travel Agent has neglected to add the preference of K1 (Request King Guestroom) to your requests (2nd screen shot below) therefore we were not aware of this request in advance and were unable to provide at the time of check in.  As a Platinum Marriott Rewards member you are guaranteed your preferred room type when noted in the SRQ / Request section (unfortunately the agent did not include, therefore a refund would not be applicable).  It is important to have the agent add this request to her traveler profile during the reservation process which should reflect your Marriott Rewards profile requests."


I then asked who is this Travel agency she is referring to? (My reservation was booked though Marriott.com like i always do to avoid situations like these)


Email Snapshot # 2


Ok so we have called the commissions/travel agency number and it is a Marriott issued travel agency marten number that is non commissionable.  When you enter your reservation in the system when you select a room it will place you in a gen-standard room which is not specific to room type.  This is because it is an annually negotiated business transient rate (discounted rate) and therefore places your reservation in the gen-standard rate pool.  This is initiated in the RFP stage and in the build of the rate programs for ALL business transient rates. .........


*** has alerted the team and has added to your future reservations.  We will do our very best to accommodate this request, in addition to your other requests (away from elevator….) .




^ After getting email # 2 I had decided not to waste my time with any back and forth with Marriott. They did honor my room preferences and reservation correctly last time.