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When Management doesnt know what Customer Service is

Question asked by ladypemberton on Mar 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by carat

Have you had an issue with a Marriott where when you tried to have it resolved the management merely threw some Marriott points at you and brushed you off?


Residence Inn Metairie is such a place. Nice hotel, plenty of parking, a little inconvenient access to the rooms but other than that fine. However, when I was charged a higher rate on different days of the week and was not informed that it would happen I approached management about it. I was basically told we'll give you $50 off the total bill but it's not our fault that you didn't know the rate ( which the deny they didn't tell me when I moved from one hotel to another) and threw Marriott points at the situation. When I called the #800 and talked to them they investigated and when they called the hotel they too encountered the same hostility from the manager. I send this as a warning to travelers. IF you have to change your hotel in the middle of the stay, when you check into the new hotel have them give you something in writing that shows the new rate. Because this particular hotel will not own up to their mistake and will treat you as though you are the enemy.


Sad but true