Marriott no longer matching SPG Gold via Amex Platinum?

Discussion created by jimboski93 on Mar 8, 2017
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I'm not getting much help on this from Marriott (calls or e-mail), so maybe I can get some help here.


I have Gold status at Starwood because I have the American Express Platinum card.  In the fall, when the SPG+Marriott merger was announced, I linked accounts and was matched at Marriott to Gold as well.


At the end of February, my Marriott status fell to Silver.  I was told to give it a few days until SPG had completed their renewals.  SPG has done that and I am still Gold there.  I called Marriott again and was told they could see that I was Gold at SPG, but they would not match that status because it comes through a credit card.  The word "promotion" was also used, but I think that is inaccurate.


This seems contradictory to the FAQs on the Marriott site which said status from a credit card would be matched (see below).


Could someone kindly let me know if my downgrade was therefore a mistake, or if this is a real change to the program / matching?



I have a credit card that’s associated with Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards or SPG. Will anything be changing?

You can keep using your card as you do today. Your credit card will continue to link to the program it’s associated with, and you will continue to accumulate points with that program.

Once you’ve linked accounts, you can transfer points earned through your credit card in one program to another program. If you’ve earned Elite night credits through your credit card, you can’t transfer those. However, if your card has given you Elite status, that status can be applied across programs through Status Match.