Bogota Marriott

Discussion created by cancerkiller on Mar 12, 2010

This hotel has been open only 7 months, and it is VERY nice.  Everything is new and very modern.  I was especially surprised by the touch-screen electronics for the exercise machines in the Health Club---everything is getting so complex.  The hotel is very near the airport, and one should make a reservation for pickup by the hotel airport shuttle ahead of time.  It saves a lot of hassle with obtaining a taxi, as I found out.  One mild surprise at check-in was the fact explosive-detecting dogs meet you at the door.  I thought this was something unique to this hotel, being a Marriott, but then I found banks, parking garages, etc. at any upscale place all have such dogs.  Even going to the most upscale mall and parking in the underground garage involved a search of the car trunk and a good sniff by a Golden Labrador dog---the most popular breed for such work here it seems.  There is good service for traveling anywhere in the city or outside by an agency under hotel contract (I assume) providing a driver and translator.  We went to several non-tourist sites in the city, which was no problem.  You just pay by the hour and go anywhere.  We used Rewards points for our stay, and it was the lowest amount of points/night for any of the top full-service Marriott hotels.