Advice for my trip to Paris

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I am new to insiders and have been searching and reading all the posts I can find on Paris.  So much wonderful info and advice!

I have found the which hotel post here and I've also see the hotel longue post on flytalk.

I am wondering if anyone with experience might share their specific advice me me



-travelers are husband, wife, 18 yo dd - graduation present! (dad has been to France years ago, dd to Italy last year, mom never to Europe)

-we have a week exchange at Marriott Disney TS (Marriott TS owners). We plan 3-4 day trips to Paris from there.

-we will spend 2-3 nights in Paris @ a Marriott hotel on points (we have plenty)

- I am Marriott gold elite rewards


Questions (lots!)

- what hotel would you specifically recommend for us?

1 room, 3 adults.

I have read elsewhere that lounge access is a huge plus- do you agree?  I see a few hotels that have executive lounge rooms available with points.    Breakfast included would be a great perk for us ( we are just gold, not platinum).


- what would you recommend we do for the 2-3 days we are staying in Paris, vs the days we trip in from Disney TS?

we plan to do the usual first time in Paris things.

Do you recommend a Paris museum pass or booking separate "skip the line" tickets?


-what is best for transportation?

we only plan to rest a car for a day or 2 at the TS for trips outside of Paris.

what is best from the airport to the hotel?

from hotel to TS.

we will have large suitcases and will arrive either early morning 8am after an all night flight or later at night 11pm if we fly through London.


-what do people do if they arrive at 8am?

Im sure that is too early for the hotel check in.


thank you so much for any responses.  I've already found so much great info here!