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Policy for platinum benefit changed without official announcement

Question asked by alexlihk on Mar 8, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2017 by alexlihk

As discussed about welcome bonus is not available anymore for redeemed stay, it is a huge shift in the policy for platinum benefit ( in fact, it's only a personal message from Shanghai Parkview, not official reply/announcement), why:

1. No official announcement for this huge change? It is one of the CORE benefit for Platinum member and highlight in all promotion.

2. Stay by redemption should be an official consumer activities as points is purchased as e-cash for me. Are we protected under consumer council somewhere? Marriott and SPG cannot doing such behavior just after big promotion on selling points, right? It breaks the trust from us.

3. Certainly, Marriott must has statement to protect his right to change any policy. However, being as an international Corp, why Marriott International will apply such huge shift which only hurt brand credibility but nothing help for business?