Earning Miles for Amazon Purchases

Discussion created by vaboywnder on Mar 7, 2017
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As a fan of shopping portals to earn extra points/miles I've always been disappointed that there was no way to earn extra points/miles for Amazon purchases.  Last year United's Mileage Plus X smart phone app started offering miles for the instant purchase of Amazon Gift cards.  At one time the rate was as much as 3 miles per dollar.  Now the current rate is 1/2 mile per dollar.  Download the Mileage Plus X app to earn extra United miles.



JetBlue and Amazon have recently teamed up to offer JetBlue Customers 3 Miles per Dollar when using a special link.  Here is a link to the the JetBlue Amazon offer:




Even if your not a frequent flyer of JetBlue their points never expire and they you can pool your points with other family members.  So go ahead and grab some free points/miles with your Amazon purchases!