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Need advice for whom to speak to next...

Question asked by travelin'dandy on Mar 5, 2017
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I actually joined this site to get some advice on behalf of my parents, loyal Marriott customers (with many lifetime points accrued), who had a horrid experience at a new property.


So as not to bore anyone here, I'll cut to the chase:


  • The hotel was brand new when they stayed there and still having work done on it.
  • Due to some shoddy work at the hotel, my father suffered an injury at the hotel.
  • Managament offered compensation when first notified, but told my parents that they first had to file an "incident report"
  • Management never followed up and the compensation offered was never received.
  • Upon returning home and visiting doctors, the injury turned out to be MUCH more severe than previously thought.
  • Marriott Customer Care was contacted and the hotel responded by saying that "compensation had already been offered".  Though my parents never received ANY FORM of compensation.


In addition to the above situation, there were some billing issues, including the misuse of points from their account.  What is troubling is they never received an invoice for their room (only for restaurant charges) and were surprised when they found a much-larger-than-expected charge on their CC. 


They were in town visiting me and my family while at this hotel.  I was there every day and cannot tell you how ill-prepared this property was.  The construction was terribly rushed, based on what I saw.


Does anyone have advice for who I should go to next?  The hotel is being very, very unhelpful (as described above) and, after the experience of trying to get a response in addition to the severity of the injury...the original compensation offered in conversation (before they never followed up), seems very lacking.


My thanks in advance for any help...