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Having status match with SPG has meant that a panoply of possibilities have opened up for us Marriott loyalists. As I understood from listening to SPG fans, the value in their membership program comes from the personalized attention and some great upgrades in unique SPG properties.  Until now, many of the locations haven't worked out for me for multiple reasons until my most recent stay at the St. Regis in Mumbai.

First I should mention, that I'm not really the St. Regis kind of person, or at least I thought I wasn't. :-). I see hotels more as a pragmatic space that serves my basic needs: clean, safe, nice bed, good internet. After I started traveling more for work and pleasure, I'd include breakfasts to that list as well. So for me to pick the St. R was a bit of a stretch.  I paid for one night and used another on points.

I'm going to start off with the room. Awesome. I was upgraded to a suite by the time I arrived. The size was generous and allowed one of us to work when the other was asleep or napping.  The view was engaging to the south side of the city and the sea.  It wasn't the most beautiful view, but it was captivating.

The bathroom was only a bit smaller than a regular sized bedroom, and if you added the closet space, it likely was.  Nice touch, but not necessary. The bed was fantastic. Comfy but not soggy. Just the right amount of everything. That's a huge bonus for me since I feel like I'm eternally looking for comfortable beds.  Lots of free water bottles in the room, a little touch; big plus. The room was in short, the nicest room I've been in during my time as a Marriott rewards member. But to be fair and to remember, this isn't the kind of luxury hotel I've chosen in the past.

While the room was amazing, it was perhaps the other elements that really sealed the deal for me.  The breakfast was unreal. I've never seen a buffet with so many food options.  The quality and freshness of the food both western and asian were top notch. The coffee was some of the strongest I've ever had and the OJ was obviously freshly squeezed (those tend to be my main concerns with breakfast).  I could have sat there for another hour reading my newspaper and just relaxing with my coffee. But we had things to do so off we went to explore. 

After we returned from an intense day of seeing the sites, we returned to our refuge and hit the club lounge. It was small with even better views and held only about 20 of us, which both filled the place to give it some soul but didn't crowd us out. We ordered off an appetizer menu and let the waiter make suggestions that were all spot on. I really appreciated that he made a suggestion on how to improve our order, which waiters in the US never have the courage to do. The food took a bit longer than expected, but was well worth the wait. It was different than what most Marriott club lounges we know: this was not all you can eat nor a free for all.  Only over 21 and it felt more like an actual club than a place for grazing. For those with kids, this won't work. But that's ok, it gives you a reason to leave the kids at home and have the adult vacation you deserve. 

The pool has its own charm. It's small, but great for hanging out or doing some laps. There's a small bar in the corner and the food is not inexpensive, but it never is anywhere poolside. What you get is quality for your money. The more I think about it, the less expensive it seems now--words I never thought I'd write about any hotel food.

      The only downside was the over-the-top service. I can't believe I'm complaining about this, but I only need so much service in my life. They called when I was napping to make sure everything was ok. They brought chocolates to the door, sweet, but not necessary. And they came to get the bed ready in the evening. Nice but not for me.  If I could just check a box that said "no service", I'd be perfectly happy.  However, if my biggest complaint is, "too much service" at a hotel that tells you from the outset that this is their ethos, well then that's just my fault, not theirs.

If you are in the mumbai area, check them out.  The location feels like a bit of an in between area of town, neither down south near the touristy spots nor near the airport or beach. However, we choose it precisely because of it's location between everything so that we were never too far away.  We Ubered everywhere making this location work well for us. If you aren't comfortable with jumping in a cab or if you are looking for a site that is walkable, this may not be ideal for you. However, if you are into shopping, I hear there's a great mall below the hotel. That's not my thing and was short on time, so we never made it down there.

In short, it's a great hotel for Mumbai and if you are new to the St. Regis brand like I was, check them out.  I'm going to add them to my vacation hotel list which is usually JW Marriott sand Marriott Resorts.   The price was more than I usually pay for a hotel room, but I'm glad I splurged and would happily do so again if I could get anywhere near the same experience. After I sign off, I'm going to spend some time on the St. R site to see where else I can go.