Why does Marriott value stays more than nights?

Discussion created by 7 on Mar 2, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2017 by normanp

I noticed yesterday that my drop from Platinum to Gold status went through. I saw another thread on here mentioning the Platinum challenge and I recall reading here or on a blog that it requires 9 stays over a three month period.


Most of my work stays are at least a week and often two or three. I think in the next three months I'm planning at least three weeks of work stays plus a few personal nights. But, I wouldn't be able to successfully complete a challenge without silly games like splitting stays between different hotels for the sole purpose of trying to drive up the number of stays.


So my question is why does Marriott incentivize shorter stays and hotel hopping like this? I would think that there is a certain amount of overhead with each check in/out so wouldn't longer stays actually be more profitable? If that is the case then why would they do this and if it is not then what am I missing?