Best use of 7 night certificate in Paris

Discussion created by points_traveler on Mar 1, 2017
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My wife and I are taking our honeymoon in Europe for 2 weeks this summer.  I'm planning on doing the SWA Marriott Flight + Hotel package to earn enough SWA points for a companion pass through 2018.  My question is two fold...1- Is it worth buying Marriott points (or redeeming Chase UR points) to bump myself up from Cat 1-5 to something like a Cat 9 property, or just hold onto my 100k Chase points? 2- What are the best hotels to redeem 7 night cert in Paris at levels 5-9?  I'm looking for good value. 


From what I've seen, Marriott Paris Champs-Élysées Hotel seems to be a great redemption if I went the Cat 9 route.  Let me know what you think!  Thanks!


P.S. I'll need to redeem the Marriott points this month for them to count towards SWA companion pass, so the quicker response, the better