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Questions about status match and master world card

Question asked by 50centakagansta on Feb 28, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2017 by 50centakagansta

Hello everyone


I had experience in staying different properties like IHG, Hilton, SPG for a long time, but never really into the member world.


Now I have decided to stick with Marriott because I 've ( at least by far no bad one) best experience with Marriott properties and worst with SPG...(never know why so many into them).


However I don't travel for business very often and I found out the best way to get a Marriott Gold member is to get a SPG Gold first them status match with Marriott.



In Asia, if you have a master world card, after staying one night paying with this card, you get SPG member Gold tier immediately.


I already apply for Citi Master World card, if there is no accident, after I get my card and staying one night with SPG I get Gold member to Marriott.


I will stay in Marriott properties for multiple nights this summer.


And I already have a Marriott reward account with some points in it( level-member), If I don't want to create another account and would like to keep this one, what should I do or be careful about when I register a new SPG account ,which only use it to stay for one night to become gold tier and match to Marriott current account to make my Marriott account from member to Gold?


Can I directly match my new SPG account with my old Marriott account?


Just be careful about the name and  every information needs to be exactly the same to match successfully?


Is there is anything I need to know or be careful?



Thanks for the help, this is very important to me and it's a new world for me.