Where have all the points gone, long time passing?

Discussion created by radar911 on Feb 28, 2017

So, it used to be that you could earn points for ANY spend at a Marriott property as long as you presented your Marriott Rewards #. If you ate dinner at a Marriott Hotel, even while not a guest, and presented your Rewards Card, your account would be credited with the appropriate number of points. Fast forward to February 27, 2017.  I am a Platinum Lifetime member with 1400 paid stays (nearly 4 years of my life) and who knows how many free nights. I am a registered guest at a Marriott Hotel. I wish to not charge my dinner and drinks to my room while on a business trip, but present my Marriott Rewards number to get credit for the purchase. The waitperson says he has to check with the manager, the manager says it can't be done. So when did that change? I make a valid purchase at a Marriott hotel, use my Rewards number and am told No Dice! Poor decision by a staff member who may not understand the rules or the new reality?