Marriott Account shows Platinum but SPG Account downgraded to Gold

Discussion created by worldtraveller29 on Mar 1, 2017

I just bought back my Platinum status a couple of days ago with Points but now my SPG Account was downgraded to Gold too.

In my opinion it must show up also Platinum status but now is Gold


I decided to make a quick Call to the SPG customer Service and I was socked how unprofessional the guy handled my phone call. He even was stupid with me. After more then 15 minutes in the phone I decided to switch over. The only answer the person had was "sorry Sir there is nothing I can do for you to fix this problem your SPG Account is now Gold. Even if I'm Marriott Platinum really?


I have upcoming reservations with SPG and thinking seriously to cancel then all after to be treated so badly in the phone. His voice was even very loud and a bit aggressive. Never had that before. When I call Marriott or Ritz Carlton Rewards the person is always friendly and helpful.


I decided to make a quick to Marriott Rewards. I very friendly woman told me that on 3 March this friday SPG will upgrade again the Accounts.

The only thing I don't understand is why they can't do it now if somebody has upcoming reservations. Is a hard thing for somethings so simple.


What do you think guys and anybody experienced somethings similar with the linked Accounts?