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First time in Paris

Question asked by thriftyscrooge on Feb 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2017 by lakeshore

Hello all,

I wanted to start with a shoutout to Jerrycoin - long time no see! Thank you for all your help last year with the London Marriott CH tip, and for recommending Nic the concierge... we had a great time and I did mention you to Nic as well!


As luck would have it, I'm planning a quick week or so long getaway in May 2017 to Europe with my wife and now almost 3 yr old. We were thinking of Paris, and I've been reading the numerous posts shared previously. I'm a Plat, and will be using points for the trip, but do not intend to pay extra cash for upgrades....

I'm trying to decide between the Rennaisance Arc de Triomphe, and the Marriott Champs Elysees... probably do a 7 or 8 night stay with just points, and use Paris as a base for a couple of day trips as well. Both of these have been recommended heavily in the previous Paris posts, and it seems like a coin (pun intended, again for Jerry!) flip... assuming neither hotel upgrades me to a nicer/bigger room, which one is recommended? A CL or included breakfast is IMMENSELY helpful with a toddler in tow.. I can't overemphasize how much easier it made our LON/BRU/AMS trip last May!


Also, does it make sense to do 5 nights in Paris and 5 in Zurich instead of 7-8 nights in Paris? this will be my first time in Paris, and I want to make sure we're not rushed... thoughts?


Thanks, and I look forward to everyone's insight. This place is a treasure trove of information, if you know where to look!!!!!