Residence Inn Rewards Points Differ

Discussion created by rsnfan on Feb 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by tk1972

You learn something new every day. I just realized (after many stays at RI's) that RI's only award points at 5 per dollar spent when most other Marriott  offer 10 per dollar. I LOVE RI's and always stay at one in Boulder CO. on personal as well as business trips. Just stayed at the one in Foxboro Mass. on a business trip and although I got my base and Mega bonus for the 3 night stay, it was half of what I had expected. (And I could have stayed at the Courtyard next door.) Funny that they still charge the same point rate for a reward night at RI's. I will definitely reconsider my future stays at RI's JUST based on this disadvantage. Just another one of those "read the small print" issues that we all get caught in. Happy Staying