Future of Lifetime Marriott Gold vs Lifetime SPG platinum

Discussion created by pocky87 on Feb 22, 2017
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Hi all, recently learnt that I've attained Lifetime Marriott Gold, which of course I'm simply content and happy as the very least, that makes me still loyal to Marriott. But I can't help buy putting a big concern over a comparison between Marriott Gold and SPG Gold.


The biggest perks I'm enjoying and willing to stay loyal to Marriott is the guaranteed Lounge access or Breakfast in major Marriott Properties plus early and late check out request. My biggest fear is that such privileges might disappear come the merger with SPG in the event that I can't sustain the current platinum level (just saying in case).


In all honesty, I am truly enjoying every perks of Marriott and I kind of still want it the Marriott way rather than the SPG way. But in order to make SPG customer loyal. I really have concern over how they are going to provide benefits to SPG platinum and Marriott Gold since both require the same number of nights of attainment.


In all honesty, I really do hope the Lifetime Marriott Gold benefits will sustain.... :\

Any thoughts on this?