Vacations By Marriott

Discussion created by kneedeep64 on Feb 21, 2017
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Booked a trip to Kauai a couple months back which I Booked right from the Marriott site.  It hadn't shown up on my reservations yet so I called in.  Now I'm told I booked the trip through expedia and I won't be getting any night credit or gold perks.  What a bunch of BS.  I could of booked the whole thing through the hotel and airport for the same price but I saw I got 5,000 extra points if I booked through Marriott so I did it. 


I can't believe Marriott would even have the option on their website if it wasn't available. Or at least a disclaimer that you were leaving the Marriott site. Feels like bait and switch to me. STAY AWAY FROM VACATIONS BY MARRIOTT.


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