Summer/Early Fall 2017 Travel Ideas

Discussion created by iahflyr on Feb 21, 2017
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Hello Campers,


My Wife and I are in full swing looking at travel plans for the end of summer and early fall this year.  We are all over the globe with ideas so I thought I'd inquire with fellow Insiders to get your thoughts on spots you've been and hotel recommendations. 


Places we are thinking of and will be using Reward points as well as airline miles for almost the entire trip:


  • Asia as we've never been and it's on the bucket list (Wife finally agreed last night to consider the long plane ride as long as it's a Dreamliner)
  • Hawaii
  • Sweden and Finland as we have ancestors from both countries so that's a thought
  • Ireland and Scottland
  • Southeast Asia
  • New Zealand although she's not too interested in even the Dreamliner for some 17 hours and the non-stop on Air New Zealand is a B773.
  • Alaska which is not yet on the RADAR display as yet, but an option


I know, quite a list of spots.  If you've any thoughts or ideas please come forward now!


Thank you for your input.