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Maximum occupation / bed guarantee

Question asked by mazza on Feb 21, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by mustanggt

rt Hello


I'm looking for some advice if possible.  I have a reservation coming up for Fort Lauderdale and the room booked is described as 'Guest room, 1 King, Balcony', looking at the room detail, it states as expected 1 King with room for a rollaway bed.


When I booked the room, I stated that this would be for 4 people, the reservation reflects this and shows it's for 4 guests.  My account room preference shows 'Guaranteed 2 Double Beds'.  Has anyone else had this situation? Am I likely to be faced with the room being 1 King with a rollaway or the mentioned 'Guaranteed 2 Double Beds'?


I was surprised that I was able to book for 4 people in a 3 Maximum Occupancy room, unless of course I do get the 2 Double Beds.