What's so special about Venice in February?

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The masks festival!

Once a year, in mid February, this very happy & special event is held in this beautiful city. It's so unique and so is the atmosphere all around Venice!!

Before I go on I'll just tell you right now: start planning your trip to Venice, Italy, for February next year!!!



* No, this is not the Venitian in Las Vegas! This is the real thing!!

People invest a lot in the masks festival   ; the custumes are great and lots of them are in a very high class:






There're three Marriott facilities in Venice: a courtyard at the airport, a Boscolo hotel (autograph collection) and a JW hotel.

So assuming you didn't come to Venice to stay in an airport hotel, you need to choose between the other two. But since the JW is a seasonal hotel only, it's not opened anyhow in February, so the Boscolo is your only choice (and I deliberately avoided from referring to SPG facilities).

The Boscolo is a luxurious hotel, located off the main area so it has lots of peace and quiet, unlike central hotels. It's located in an attractive spot, only half an hour from the airport, half an hour from the main area, and close to the Venitian casino and two public transportation stops - very convenient.

The catch is that during the festival its rates are very high and start from €350 (euros) per night. However, if you book enough in advance you may be able to get a very attractive LNF rate, as I did (I managed to reduce the rate by 50%!). As a platinum member I also got upgraded to a 'panorama' room overlooking the canal:



Make sure you visit the islands nearby, especially 'Buranu', which has a beautiful landscape:



I decided to visit Venice for my birthday, and I can honestly say this is a birthday I will never forget!


Have you booked already?? Have fun!!!