Almost a Great Hotel

Discussion created by phctourist on Feb 16, 2017

We stayed , last night, at the Residence Inn Baltimore Hunt Valley.  It was a nice stay, but could have been better.


We stayed in a VERY comfortable 1 bed room and the room was excellent with one exception.  The temperature varied markedly from room to room.  When the living room was set at a comfortable temperature the bed room was too warm.  The bath has no heat outlet so the only way to heat it was to run the shower on hot for several minutes before taking a shower.  I learned, from the assistant manager, that they intend to fix the bathroom heat problem, in the future,


As their mix event they served baked ziti, garlic bread, salad, and beverages from a nearby restaurant and it was quite tasty,


At breakfast, today, there were no juices available, due to a late delivery.  The yogurt choices were very limited.  The bacon was fattier and less meaty than any I have seen , in a long time,  The rest  of the breakfast was standard RI fare, though I have never seen a staff that was more anxious to shut down breakfast.  At 9:29 (according to my watch and according to NBC) They closed the access to the food.  I realize that that was only one minute early but at most hotels they are not that aggressive in shutting down.  Had I been the manager, I would have gone to the supermarket less than a mile away and bought some orange and apple juice.  (The front desk clerk did offer me a beverage from the market area, but there were no suitable substitutes for juice at breakfast.)


The desk and maids were most helpful and the facility looks and feels like quality.  Just a little more effort and a fix (not an easy one, I realize) of the heating/cooling system could make this a great hotel.