Spirit to Serve Nomination

Discussion created by dancer on Feb 18, 2017

I would like to nominate Chef Aubrey Anderson from the Hanover Marriott, NJ for the Spirit to Serve award. Aubrey is a chef in the restaurant and on the weekends, he is chef for the omelette and waffle station. Chef Aubrey always greets everyone with a warm smile and quickly prepares the most delicious omelette you have ever eaten, customized to your preferences. He works very efficiently, handling lines of customers efficiently, and always graciously. We stay at this hotel several times a year and it's Aubrey's omelettes that are always the highlight of our stay.  it's what we look forward to for the next stay. The restaurant has been under renovation for the past few months.  It is clearly a challenge managing a buffet and omelette station in a small space.  Chef Aubrey has created an inviting and elegant area in the temporary quarters to continue making his customers comfortable and cared for.


We are loyal Marriott customers and whenever we are at another location (in the US or internationall) we rate the omelettes that are prepared for us. None has ever compared to Chef Aubrey's. Another customer told me that he lives in Morris County and drives 10 miles some Sundays to "have one of the Hanover Marriott's omelettes".  Whenever we tell Chef Aubrey about our experience in another hotel and their omelettes were not on a par to his, he says the magic ingredient is "caring".  That sums it in a nutshell.  Chef Aubrey cares and wants every customer to be delighted.


Please thank him for us.