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Marriott Vacation Club- Beware if you are NOT married!!

Question asked by millenialconsumer on Feb 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 13, 2017 by pointjunkie

In 2015, my family and I booked a vacation to the Marriott Beach Place Towers in Fort Lauderdale Beach for a few days in the sun for a wedding. Married (yet rocky), I attended a vacation presentation where I was told that I could return again in the near future and get the opportunity to see what Marriott had to offer. After much personal turbulence, and a rocky separation, my husband and I are completing our divorce.

I took the kids to Disney World for 3 days prior to making our way down to Ft Lauderdale, to the Marriott Beach Place Towers

They say, hind sight is 20-20.....An executive leader for a fortune 500 company, returning back with my 2 kids, I would assume that I wouldn't have had an issue completing a presentation for a Marriott vacation club package....I was incorrect to make such an assumption. I was already a black-sheep the minute they identified that I was no longer with my husband. They wanted to charge me full-rate for my stay at the hotel, as well as remove the other rewards that came with the package. Confused by everything, I kept on asking them the rationale for barring me from the presentation and the rewards. I did not receive anything acceptable other than it is in the contract.....The bread-winner and decision maker on all decisions financial in my home (married or not), I didn't think that it was the best approach to keep the ideal person who met their financial criteria to not be allowed to review possible packages- Especially when I was LOOKING TO PURCHASE!!! That is not only foolish, yet it is disappointing.

At 34, I am ready to live my life. Vacationing and taking my kids all-over is what my goal is. I have to admit I have been using Marriott not only for personal use, but also for my work-related trips. Never have i felt more disappointed and no linger a fan of the brand.

Feeling discriminated against right now- Has this happened to anyone?