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Portugal for 7 nights, your suggestions, please

Question asked by ready4atrip on Feb 14, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by ready4atrip

Hello and thank you for any and all suggestions.


We will be in Spain in early April.  After our program ends in Barcelona, we will either fly or take a train to Portugal.  Where, I do not know yet.

Our last stop will be Lisbon for 2 nights, as we fly back to the States from the Lisbon Airport the day after Easter Sunday.


I think to see the small towns, we need to rent a car, but return it once we reach Lisbon.

I have checked the Marriott and Starwood family of hotels on TripAdvisor, and they have a good many appalling comments.


We prefer countryside rather than huge cities.

I am at a loss where to begin.  Due to medical restrictions, we are not foodies and do not drink wine, so wine-tasting is not a priortiy.


Can anyone recommend an itinerary that they have enjoyed?


I usually take a number of months to plan a trip, but we were just awarded the trip to Barcelona through work and now I have to rush to make arrangements.  Especially since it is over Easter Break.


Thank you all so much!