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New Cancellation Policy - 2 days Prior to Arrival?

Question asked by takingthehighroad on Feb 13, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2017 by txaguas

Just received an email from our corporate travel office that Marriott has revised its cancellation policy and has now instituted a 2 day prior to arrival cancellation policy for properties in a lot of major cities (Boston, NYC, DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, Denver) that we travel to.   Some West Coast cities (San Diego, San Francisco) now have a 3 day prior to arrival cancellation policy.  Because of this change we now have to justify booking Marriott, since our travel plans can change and corporate does not want to get charged no-show fees!


When was this change to the cancellation policy announced?  Do MR elites get any type of waiver to this cancellation policy?


This will definitely impact my business stays at Marriott this year and I probably won't make platinum as a result!