Service Dog Etiquette

Discussion created by antonio on Feb 14, 2017
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Greetings...I have never posted on MR Insiders but felt strong about this incident. I have a service dog which accompany's me everywhere I go and this is the second time an incident occurred while travelling with my service dog. Last Saturday my wife and I stayed at a JW, upon having breakfast with my wife and service dog we felt very uncomfortable the whole time eating breakfast due to the fact that I had the lounge staff member watch us the whole time we were there. Just when we were about to leave the club lounge the staff member asked if I could leave the club lounge thru the service entrance due to me having a service dog. I felt very insulted and hurt after 11 years of loyalty to Marriott to be treated like this just because I have a service dog. Why should I have to use the employee entrance when I am a platinum member just having breakfast with my wife and service dog. We ended up cutting our trip short and checking out of the hotel right away. My advice to Mr. Marriott, please train your staff in Service Dog etiquette. Your's truly a very unhappy and sad customer!