Honoring rewards status - or not

Discussion created by bjlwgny on Feb 16, 2017

I achieved gold in sept.   Great service, room upgrade, late checkout, member acknowledgement at Orlando Gaylord.  Except for Cleveland area residence inn, no mention of gold status at stays at other hotels since then.  At platinum I was always acknowledged, and at the very least offered bottled water at no charge.  My last several stays - nothing.

This week I arrived, with a reservation, at a Residence inn in Danbury CT after driving 9 Hours.  I was given a room key for a room at the back of the property lower level and next to indoor pool. I immediately voiced concern about room location. Staff Informed me it was completely safe.  I told her I had a bad experience in a ground floor room and she informed me it was the only room available.  I asked to look at the room.  Window screen was torn and windows easily accessible from parking lot.  In addition, I was floored by the chlorine smell as soon as the elevator door opened. 

I returned to the desk and explained in further detail that I had once been the victim of a break in and violent assault when an assailant broke into my ground floor room, and I was just not comfortable accepting that room.    This time I was told only larger more expensive rooms were available and I would be charged the higher price.  I left and found another hotel via the mobile Marriott app.  Just this evening I realized I should have been guaranteed a room due to my gold status and they should have found another room for me.  Regardless of status, human decency should have dictated at least an offer to find another hotel In the area. 

Is this something I should report to Rewards or to Marriott, or both?  I was so frustrated and tired at the time that I just couldn't process an appropriate response.   I am now just angry about it.

Do individual hotels have the choice to honor or not rewards status?