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Question re Definition of Stay for Spring MegaBonus

Question asked by ella31 on Feb 15, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2017 by iahflyr

I have a question regarding how a "stay" is defined for the Spring Megabonus (which provides double points for the first three stays). It doesn't seem to be addressed in the Terms and Conditions.


The situation:  I will be having a stay of roughly 10 days at a Residence Inn this March.  My plan is to pay for the first 3 nights, then do a redemption for the next 5, then to pay for the last 2.  This is because weekday nights are far more expensive at this particular hotel, so I want to use my points during the week.


I will be staying 10 consecutive nights at the same hotel, so I assume this would be considered a single stay.  However, the paid nights will not themselves be consecutive.  My question:  would the 5 paid nights of this stay be considered a single stay for purposes of the MegaBonus?


If they will not, I will probably shift my travel plans a bit.  I have already completed my first two stays, so this is my last shot at bonus points.


Thanks in advance for your help!